Monday, December 3, 2018

Passion Projectsm

Passion Projects is a kete based project . It includes students from years 7 - 10 , Our group is focusing on one target that target is to get our work finished and vs the final team in the competition . The sport we will be holding is a basketball tournament containing official rules , 10 people in 1 team , 5 subs and 5 on  . The winner will vs our team in the final and if they lose the will get nothing to give to a charity so they better play their hardest because our team is good at every point of basketball like shooters , re-bounders and defenders . There is also a volley and football tournament if you want to join one of them !

Friday, November 30, 2018

Adrenalin forest

On the 29th of November all of the year 8's at Hornby High School went on a trip to Adrenaline forest and spencer park. First we went for a walk to the wet lands place then we headed to cpencer park it was really fun there we played basketball and volleyball then we had to go to Adrenaline forest this was the time I've been waiting for. If you don't know what Adrenalin forest is it is a parkour place but with gear on. If you are afraid of heights I would never go there because it is all about heights and skill but if you love heights  and really like parkour you have to try it out it is really difficult. There are different stages, I think I made it half way through level 4 and then we had to stop because it was time to head home. After all that my hand and legs were hurting pretty bad but it was worth it because I had a really fun time and I pushed myself to my limits and did the best I can

Monday, November 19, 2018

Passion Projects

Passion Projects:

Passion Projects is a kete based project. For Passion Projects I am in Community sports, for Community sports my group are doing basketball, we are going to be having a basketball tournament for the year 8/7 in Hornby High School. The people that signed up and that are participating will have to bring a can food or a non perishable food item.     
Image result for Basketball pngImage result for Can food

Thursday, November 15, 2018

S.W.O.T Analysis

  • Basketball tournament donates a can of food and gives the can of food to charity.   
  • Basketball tournament donates clothes that are too big or small for you.
  • Basketball tournament donates money to play the tournament.
  • Do a sprint to donate stuff to your favorite charity.

S.W.O.T. Analysis


  • We are donating to the homeless
  • We are doing sports we enjoy
  • Playing along with the community
  • People will get healthy


  • Easily distracted - Try not to get distracted and commit to our work

  • We don’t do much work  - Do more work

  • We leave work at the last minute -Try to commit to our work and finish it


  • Building the confidence
  • To make a difference
  • Connect with different people
  • Practice your favorite sports
  • Have fun


  • Dangerous People - Ask a teacher to supervise us

  • Stray dogs - Run or

  • Bad weathers - Check the Weather

  • No equipment - Tell someone to bring the equipment

  • No money- We don't need money.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Narrative writing fairy tales

Welcome to the wonderful land of the three little bears and their mother who never wanted the three little bears to leave but they choose to and she didn't like it so she tried to do something really bad that cold hurt the three bears.

In the part New Zealand called Christchurch and also next to the woods and on a very rainy day.

The three little bears names was  Sameer, Michael, Eddy and the aliens name was Ruby. Sameer lived in house made of glass, Michael lived in a house made out of stone and lastly Eddy made his house made out of metal.

Then the three little bears heard a loud screaming in the woods, it sounded a bit like a little girls scream, they all go outside to have a look and they hear a even louder sound it was so loud even the village heard it.

It was a different type of sound they didn't know what it was no one did it was a sound never heard before but until today. After the three little bears heard the sound they all gathered  together and ran into the woods like amateurs. When they ran into the direction of the scream, they saw something but it was from the back, it turned its body and before the three bears could say anything they just fell to the ground and from there on the three little bears were never to be seen again.

When the three little bears woke up they were all tied up but they were also in this very very dark room altogether. All of the three little bears screamed as loud as they could but still no sign of anyone they screamed again and again and again but still no one. After all that screaming they heard a little voice but they thought is was just the wind blowing until they heard it again and again but this time it was more people, the three little bears started screaming with them they started talking to each other but then there was a dead silence.

The three little bears were trying to listen closely until the heard a loud bang and then they flew across the room like planes and knocked themselves out. There was these weird looking things that picked them up and carried them to another place. When the three little bears woke up they all screamed at the same time because they woke up back at home not there own home but there moms home they were all wondering why would someone/thing bring them here but then there answer just unfolded at the moment when a alien walked in the room an revealed themselves. 

As the Aiken walked in the three little bears grabbed whatever was next to them and started running at the door like animals, who ever was going to come through that door they were definitely going to get a concussion, when the three little bears saw who was coming through the door they all stopped and stared at it for a split second and then they all said “Mum” at the same time. When they saw their Mum they all hugged her and asked if she was ok and if the someone/thing hurt her and she said it was her who caused all of it the scream in the woods the concussion everything was all her but she said it was for a good reason she just didn't want the the three little bears to move out where the danger is she just wanted to love them forever, so they all just had a laugh and lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018



1. What is the capital of Australia? The capital of Austraila is a city called Canberra in Canberra it is a very famous place there is a lot of fun things to do there like going to the Lake Burley Griffin and also the Australian War Memorial.

2. The population of the capital city? The population for the people in Canberra is 447,692, that is actually a lot of people for a place like that.

3. In January the weather of the capital city is? The weather on January in Canberra can reach 26 degrees.

4.Where is the capital city located? Canberra is Located in the north.

5. What language is spoken in the capital city? In Austraila they speak English.

Here is a little video to show more facts about Australia:

Monday, November 12, 2018

E.O.T.C Week

Find out:

At adrenalin forest I will show resilience by not giving up, every time I fall I will get back up and try again until I get it right, help others if they are stuck and also have the confidence to do anything I want to do. I will also be resilient to the people around me that includes the teachers the other children around me and also the adults to show that Hornby High is a good school for their kids. Lastly when no one is watching I will be myself and not do anything that is silly or that will attract any negative attention and I will dot distract anyone for their learning.